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Growing up I've always struggled with my weight and feeling confident and sexy in lingerie. When I used to shop for lingerie, there was never anything that was super sexy that I would actually be interested in wearing. Years after this struggle I created Yours Truly to cater to women of all shapes and sizes to feel beautifully and wonderfully made in the skin that they are in. I grew up on the westside of Detroit and I've been around entrepreneurship my entire life because of my mother. I knew I always wanted to have a business of my own but I didn't just want to do it for the money. I truly wanted to have purpose in everything I was doing. Every sale that I get makes me happy because not only do I know I sell high quality products, but I know once you purchase from my company one time, we will be your #1 stop shop. Thank you all for allowing me to serve you & supporting my small black business!


What Truly Baes Say 

Dice came really fast and are just what me and bae needed, BUY THE DICE SIS!


 I love the butterfly kisses one piece set alot! It fits to your body type so that's one I loved, I'm pretty short (5'1) but I feel like the length of the piece fit perfectly on me


But LISTEN. I tried that rose and died in LESS than T W O minutes, I threw that mf across the room and aint f$*#ed with it since


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