Hand Washing Your Bras (Recommended)

You can preserve the life of your hand-washables by following a few simple steps.

Fill your sink with lukewarm water and add an alcohol-free hand washing detergent such as Dreft, Ivory Snow, or Forever New.

Avoid Woolite which is harsher and can deteriorate elastic

Soak lingerie for up to an hour

Gently rub the fabric together to remove dirt

Rinse in cool water (until the water runs clear)

Lay garment flat on a towel

Lay another towel over top and press to remove extra water

Always hang to dry

Machine Washing Your Bras

When using a washing machine, a mesh or lingerie bag is best to separate bras and keep them looking fresh.

Hook the backs of your bras

Put similar color items in a lingerie bag

Wash on a delicate cycle in cool water with gentle detergent

When you take your molded cup bras out of the wash, reshape the cups with your hands.

Don't wring out or stretch your bras

Always hang to dry. 

Never put bras in the dryer because the heat will break down the spandex and you will lose elasticity

Washing Panties

You may want to wash most of your panties by hand.

For the machine-washable ones, wash on a delicate cycle in cold to warm water, not hot. Line dry.